Photos of the last 12 hikes with the Port Ludlow Hiking Club

2016-10-07 Lower Gray Wolf River Hike: This is hike 67 in the guidebook. The Lower Gray Wolf Trail is a fairly easy 8.4 miles roundtrip with 800 feet of elevation change. The trail runs along the Gray Wolf River in several places.  The trail is easy to follow and well maintained. There were 12 hikers.

2016-09-23 Dosewallips State Park Hike: This is hike 49 in the guidebook. The total hike from the parking lot is 5.25 miles with 915 feet of elevation change. This hike begins with views of the Dosewallips River and its side channels. It winds through a second growth forest of Cedars, Alders, Maples, Douglas fir and others. The Steam Donkey trail has an interesting history.

2016-09-09 Admiralty Head - Fort Casey Hike: This hike is not in the guidebook. The hike began with a 9:30 a.m. ferry ride from Port Townsend to Whidbey Island. Once on Whidbey Island, we enjoyed a walk along the bluff to Admiralty Head Lighthouse and Fort Casey State Park. The hike was approximately 4 to 5 miles roundtrip. There were 18 hikers.

2016-08-26 Olympic Discovery Trail Hike: This hike is not in the guidebook. Instead it was a small section (5.36 miles roundtrip) of the Olympic Discovery Trail near Sequim. When completed the Olympic Discovery Trail will spans from Port Townsend to La Push (126 miles one way). Currently, 69 miles of this trail are completed. There were 15 hikers.

2016-08-12 Marmot Pass Hike: This is hike 58 in the guidebook. The Marmot Pass Trail is a fairly difficult 10.6 miles roundtrip with 3500 feet of elevation change. The trail is a steady uphill all the way to Marmot Pass. The trail runs along the Big Quilcene River for 2.5 miles and then begins a steady climb to Marmot Pass.  The trail is easy to follow and well maintained.

Almost all the hikers made it to the top of Marmot Pass. The weather was great and the views outstanding. There were 15 hikers.

2016-07-29 Mount Townsend Hike: This is hike 59 in the guidebook. The Mount Townsend Trail is 8.2 miles roundtrip with 2900 feet of elevation change. The summit is at 6280 feet. This hike offers some of the best views around and the wildflowers were out in force. Only 4 or the 11 hikers decided to go all the way to the top, but everyone had a great time. The sky was blue, but there was a lot of haze in the distance.

2016-07-16 Grand Ridge Hike: This is hike 85 in the guidebook. The Grand Ridge Trail is 5 miles roundtrip with 700 feet of elevation change. The hike begins at Obstruction Point. Like Sunrise Ridge, this hike offers some of the best views in the Olympics. It also includes an incredible number of wildflowers.

We hiked almost the entire 5 miles. We were about a tenth of a mile from the normal turnaround point when everybody decided it was time for lunch. After lunch, we headed back to the trailhead. There were 18 hikers.

2016-07-01 Sunrise Ridge Hike: This is hike 82 in the guidebook. The Sunrise Ridge Trail is 5.2 miles roundtrip with 1000 feet of elevation change. Normally this is a view and flower hike, but on hike day it was overcast and at times lightly raining. The views were severely limited. On the other hand, we did see some critters I’ve never or rarely seen in the Olympics (Mountain Goat, Olympic Marmot, and Black Bear).

We did not hike the entire distance. Instead we hiked to a nice view point and had lunch: total distance 3.68 miles roundtrip. There were 23 hikers.

2016-06-24 Dungeness Spit Hike: This is hike 76 in the guidebook. The Dungeness Spit Trail is 11 miles roundtrip with 130 feet of elevation change.  The trail isn’t so much a trail as it is a walk along the beach. The beach leads to a lighthouse.  The lighthouse was built in 1857 and it is still used today. The spit of land that goes to the lighthouse has the Strait of Juan de Fuca on one side and the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge on the other. There were 15 hikers.  

Not everyone went all the way to the lighthouse, but we all had a great day at the beach. 

2016-06-10 Tubal Cain Mine and Buckhorn Lake Hike: This is hike 63 in the guidebook. The Tubal Cain Mine and Buckhorn Lake Trail is 12 miles roundtrip with 2000 feet of elevation change. Our club did not hike all the way to the Tubal Cain Mine or Buckhorn Lake.  We hiked 3.5 miles to an old mining camp and had lunch. After lunch we headed back. Some of us took a .7 mile with 450 feet of elevation change side trip to Tull Canyon to view a crashed B-17 (read more) and an abandoned mine. The side trip was steep but worth the climb. The hike back was good for all except the ones who visited the B-17 crash site. It started to rain plus a little hail before they got back to the trailhead.

2016-05-27 Slab Camp Creek and Upper Gray Wolf River Hike: This is hike 69 in the guidebook. This hike according to the guidebook is 5.6 miles roundtrip with 1100 feet of elevation change. The trail is easy to follow and well maintained.

The turnaround point was where the trail crosses the Gray Wolf River by means of a very long bridge. The first part of the hike parallels Slab Camp Creek which provided wonderful sounds and a few little waterfalls. Near the turnaround point you start to hear the Gray Wolf River which provided a perfect backdrop for our lunch site. There were 15 hikers. It was a beautiful day and all along the way were rhododendrons in full bloom.

2016-04-29 Lena Lake Hike: This is hike 42 in the guidebook. Lena Lake Trail is an easy 6 mile roundtrip with 1300 feet of elevation change. Lena Lake is a small backcountry lake surround by fir and cedar trees. The trail is easy to follow and well maintained. As you near the lake you will find good view points to rest and enjoy the lake view.

This was a wonderful hike. The water falls were particularly nice because of all the recent rain. We had lunch at a spot overlooking the lake. It doesn’t get much better.