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The Port Ludlow Hiking Club was founded in 1989 by Herman Schweizer. The goal was to explore the wonderful hiking opportunities provided by the Olympic Peninsula and beyond. The Club is centered in Port Ludlow, but anyone who likes to hike can participate.

The Club members meet twice a year to plan future hikes and to select the hike leaders (see Hike Leader Information for more details). There are exceptions, but the general rule is to schedule a hike on every other Friday. Most of the hikes are selected from the Day Hiking Olympic Peninsula guidebook by Craig Romano. The book contains maps and descriptions for 125 Olympic Peninsula hikes. The guidebook provides quality and difficulty ratings, round-trip mileage and elevation gain information along with a description of the trail. Additional information can be obtained from Hike Information and Hike Ratings pages.

On the day of the hike, the members meet at 8:15 a.m. at the Bridge Deck parking lot in Port Ludlow (see map below) to get driving instructions and to arrange carpools. It’s not unusual for the Club members to have lunch at one of the local restaurants after the hike.

In addition to the scheduled hikes, the Club also has a few getaway Adventure hikes at locations further afield (e.g., Mount Hood, Mount Rainer, Lake Quinault, etc.) The Club members all stay at the same hotel or lodge for several days so they can hike the local trails.

You can use the CONTACT page to request a full size file for any photo you would like to print. Note the photo you want to print (e.g., 5th photo in slideshow "hike name" or "trail name") and we will email you the full size photo.